Dog Parks Part 2.

Spring time is right around the corner, so you can take of the designer dog jackets and get back on the trails, and of course, dog parks!


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Big Idea: Coursework by Claudia Kawacywska


With summer on the way, you’re probably thinking about vacation time. You m

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Illinois to allow Canine Custody Battles


As of Jan. 1 2018, a new Illinois state law permits divorce court judges to award sole or joint custody of pets. J

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Legal Talk


New York is latest state to crack down on Fake Service Dogs

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Target Stick/ Targeting Training Tips For Five-Mon

Good Food Vs. Bad Food





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African Poachers Vs. The Puppy FOrce By Laura Rat



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Math Homework for Dogs (not the tasty kind)

5 reasons Your Dog is Whining – and How to Make him Stop


by Teoti A

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