Pet Technology, January 2018

The dog has remained largely the same for thousands of years - loving, loyal, and protective - a human’s best friend. Though our four legged friends haven’t changed much, modern technology has gone gaga for them ,making our interactions even more fun and practical. Here are a few of the latest tech products that can enhance your dog’s life and your relationship with him.

1. In and out
Do you know how many times your dog goes out through the doggie door every day? Ever forget to lock it on your way out or worry about a strange animal entering your home? The Microchip Pet Door Connect pet door from Sure Petcare works with your dog’s existing microchip (or an RFID collar tag) to scan him each time he comes and goes, allowing to monitor him (and multiple dogs) via an app. The app connects to the internet via the Hub (sold separately), so you may lock and unlock the door remotely. (

2. I Can See You!

There are several new and fun cameras on the market that allow you to keep an eye on your dog and even send him treats or allow him to see you wherever you are.

    The PetChatz is a two-way camera that allows your and your dog to see each other via the PetChatz app (for you) and a full-color screen on the camera unit (for your dog). It also has a “calming scent” feature, dispenses treats and offers motion and sound detection. The optional “paw call” accessory allows your dog to call you when he presses it. You’re going to need a pretty smart dog for that. (

    The Petzi Treat Cam  allows your to check in on your pup and, as it can be filled with treats you can use the Petzi app to dispense goodies at the press of a virtual button. A tone sounds before the treats fall, which teaches your dog to stand in front of the camera when you want to see him. You can set the camera on a low shelf or mount it to the wall. (


    The Minion Despicable Me Flexi Cam is not only cut, it allows your to talk to your dog in a Minion voice, which is sure yo get his attention. It also automatically creates a “pet highlight reel” of your dog’s day and comes with free cloud storage. Multiple minion version are available, so you can locate them in different areas of your home and use the corresponding app to easily view out of all of them. (Get at

3 Get Smart

The Pup Pod is a red “smart toy” that connects to your smartphone and puts your pup through his paces with a variety of puzzles, starting with the easiest and growing progressively more difficult as your dog learns. Your dog can play on his own or with you. There’s an optional Bluetooth-connected treat dispenser that you can set up while you’re not home. This way, your dog will always be rewarded for his hard work - or play. (

Source: Dogster Magazine