Kickstarter for Pett and Pooches and More!

In recent response to a survey Woof Warrior put together on dog toys here, we are super thrilled to have decided on our newest toy called Pett Bed. Have you been keeping up with Woof Warrior during its Indie Go Go campaign, which got hundreds of views. This time we are ready to demo the product for our viewers. What Pett Mat does is allow dog owners to communicate with their dog during their busy schedule throughout the day. Our Kickstarter is actually being reviewed, and we would like to hear about it. We would be thrilled to get just $4,500 for our first round of crowdfunding! Crowdfunding allows users to put a small, usually $35 or so dollars, to support our project. Recently, we have been hearing about the recent stories about how others have adopted their pets. We are so excited to share our Supaw Hero of the week�s tale: � Sometimes the owner has already taken the step of rescuing the dog from the Shelter. Someone recently adopted a young puppy who was not in a kennel at a shelter, although she saw an ad online. What she found was the dog was in the back of the shelter without any hope. She saw the puppy and it walked up to her and sat down. Years later the dog is a trained service dog.� There is a lot of kind hearted people that know the benefit of adopting pets rather than breeding. That�s why we donate for people that help with the Woof Warrior project to local shelters and adoption sponsors. Do you have a story to share in the comments about how you adopted your dog?