10 Cool Tips to become an active dog friend today!

Top 10 tips for being an active dog Owner you can implement today 1. Go to a dog park 2. Go to dog-friendly restaurant or café 3. Join a meetup group on active dog shelters such as http://www.meetup.com/Rochester-Active-Shelter-Group/ 4. Give your dog a vacation away from the cat at DogVayCay. 5. New monthly toys, by subscription such as Bark Box. 6. A bigger crate when you go to work or keep the TV on. 7. Try a new brand of organic food such as Soul Stew, by Michael J Food 8. Join the discussions at WoofWarrior.com/woof 9. Take a tour of a local shelter and be reminded how lucky your dog is :) They are usually held on the weekend. 10. Watch a movie with your dog, such as Bolt or Tennis.