This unique meld of cross country skiing and dog sledding allows out take to the hill with trusty canine, even in the cold, and skijoring is an excellent way for both of you to et a good cardio workout. Skijoring, originally a Norwegian sport, translate, to “ski diving” and involves a person on skis being pulled by something, whether a horse, a snowmobile, or – you guess it- a dog. If your furry pal is strong and energetic, this might be the perfect Husky or Malamute particularly enjoy skijoring, but breeds such as German Shorthaired Pointers, Gtreyhounds, German Shepherds, and Border Collies have all been known to compete in skijoring competition in the US. According to the American Kennel Club, Skijoring organizations recommend that your dog be at least 35 punfs to safely participate in the sport. Keeping in mind that the heavier the person being pulled, the stronger the dog needsas to be. And of course, enjoyment depends on the individual dog – be sure to asses tour dog’s energy ;level and willingness to participate.


What you need: snowy trails. Either flat or gentle hills, a skijoring belt and a gangline/ tow line (this will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 at entry level) a pair of cross country skis a dog harness designed for pulling, such as those made by Hurrta or Kruuse (make sure the harness you choose fits your pup comfortably!); warm clothes, and a helmet.


Source: UK Dog's Today