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Microchip Pet Door Connect


Do you want to provide your dog with more freedom. The new Microchip Pet Door Connect, created by pet lifestyle specialist SureFlap, is the first-ever app controlled pet door for cats and small dogs.

            Bring the humble cat flap into the future, this door uses microchip-reading technology so only pets can use it – meaning no unwanted houseguests. The free Sure Petcare app allows you to monitor your pet’s behavior and remotely lock the door. You can even set curfew time. The door is connected to a hub device, which feedbacks data to the owner including notification when you pet leaves and returns and a log of your pet’s activity.

            Vet and animal behaviorist Jon Bowen says, “For me, the real value lies in the data and ability to log and track a pet’s habits – something we’ve not been able to do until now. Over time, this information can provide an accurate insight into your pet’s well-being and help you determine what is ‘normal’ behavior for your pet and what is not.

            “The Microchip Pet Door Connect is a game changer and will become an essential part of maintaining a happy, healthy pet.”

            Letting your dog outside without supervision may be a concern for you, especially if your dog has tendency to bard continuously or if your garden isn’t secure. But this door does have other advantages, the behavior log being one of the biggest as well as the ability to control the door with your phone. Allowing your dog the freedom to come and go as he pleases also means less hassle opening and closing doors, especially as the colder months approach.

            The good news is that even without internet connection, the door will continue to work, so Fido will never be stranded outside.


­Ready to Roll

Roll ‘N’ Go EasyMat


 Sometimes the simplest products can prove to be the most practical introducing the ‘Roll ‘N’ Go EasyMat – a portable pop-up integrated dog bowl and mat.

            The collapsible double food and water bowl, available in turquoise or grey, is made from high-grade FDA-approved silicone and can be used at home or out and about.

 “ I love to go walking and to camp out motorhome with my partner Lloyd, our two children and our rescue dofs: Yorkshire Terrier Izzie and Chihuahua Tink,” says creator Helen Davies who also has a 10-year-old chocolate Labrador called Kaiser.


            “Keeping our feeding area free from mess and out dogs well fed and hydrated on the move was proving tricky.
            “I realized we needed a safe hygienic, portable feeding and drinking station – something that we could simply fold  up or roll up, and which came with it’s own carry case. That’s why I’ve patented the Roll ‘N’ Go – a complete food and water bowl system with an integrated mat that rolls up in seconds the size of a small newspaper.

            Our office dog Sterling had no complaints when he got to try out the bowl, Once Sterling had finished his breakfast, the mat was easy to clean, roll up and store away in it’s water-resistant carry case. Perfect for camping or outdoor adventures!


Sound Therapy

Ultra Calmer


            We’re heading into October, which means the firework season is fast approaching, it’s a difficult time for pets and their owners, as it’s estimate 40 percent of dogs and cats suffer from noise phobias. If other calming products prove ineffective, there’s one new possible solution on the market.

            American company Pet Acoustics provides similar innovative products that be been clinically tested and approved by vets to help combat noise phobia. The Ultra Calmer dog collar is held in high regards by customers as well as the pet beds with sound absorbing layers and Bluetooth speakers for dogs, cats, horses, and birds. The collar, available in three sizes, plays frequency modified music said to provide canine stress relief during thunderstorms, fireworks and other noisy situations. Simply turn on and adjust the SafeVolume according to your dog’s hearing comfort. After a few minutes you should see symptoms, such as panting and shaking, diminish. Founder and CEO Janet Marlow has used breakthrough research on animal hearing to develop these products/

            “It’s so important that we understand how sound affects the behavior of our pet,” she says.

            The water-resistant collar comes with a magnetic USB charger and plays for up to three hours.


Wrap up warm



This product is aimed mainly at vet surgeries, but deserves a mention for being a potential lifesaver. The Blizzard vetinary blanket is a cost-effect warming device for treating and preventing hypothermia.


Just like human, dogs and other animals can be affect by low body temperature, not only from being outdoors, but also if they have certain diseases that affect their ability regular body temperature o if they under anesthesia. According to the manufacture ere, the blanket has been proven as good alternative to active warming blankets, it can be used during CT scans and x-rays, and even outperform active heating devices over prolonged periods.

            The orange blanket is made from Reflexcell, a unique material with thermal qualities. It was developed in conjunction with Langford Small Animal Hospital and Zurich University Small Animal Hospital. The blanket which is available in three sizes can be reused if needed.


Self-cleaning dog Loo



If you live in an urban area with limited access to a place for your dog to do his business, then an artificial spot could be the next best thing. Woofloo’s creators anticipate that their design made from high-grade aluminum and electro galvanized steel will outshine outdated plastic models.

            Based on feedback from thousands of owners, the WooFloo has an integrated water flush, which can regularly rinse away any urine and foul smells. Place the loo inside, or outside on a patio or balcony. Simply click on your garden hose and set the flush frequency. Feces is collected your usual ‘bag it, bin it’ way. The water then drains through a pipe, which can be places in your drain.

            The loo comes in three sizes and can hold up to 130lb. It made its debut on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in August and creators expect to ship their first 500 orders in November

Source: Dogs Today