Overlooked Black Dogs

Big Black Dogs - or BBDs, as shelter workers call them -undeniably have it tought. Many animal shelter workers report that adoptable black dogs are frewquencryl passed ove rin favour if lighter-colouted pups, leaving the black dogs to languish in shelters or, far worse, make make it out at all. They ca;; this Black Dog Dyndrome and the reasons are fiverse and unclear: it could be negative stereotpes or it could simplt be greater intake of black dogs, but one thing is ondisuputable - there are an awful lot of black dogs patiently waiting for their shot at a forever home.
   A contributing factor is that black dogs are more difficuult to photograph, and a good photo is crucial to sparking the interest of a potential adopter. Enter photographer Shaina Fishman who, upon hearing of the phenonmenon, decided to tackle black dog sundrome with her stricking photoseries, Overlooked Black Dogs. Shaina teamed up with Foster Dogs NYC to take pohotos of 14 black rescure dogs in foster care against a black background and the results are incredible. "While I can't take great photos of ever black dog in a shelter," Shaina says. "I canbring awareness to the problem with this series show that b;ack dogs are stunningly beautiful." We coulldn't agree more.


Source: ModernDog